Inteks, founded in 1977, has come until today with managers and employees who committed to working devotedly so far and we also have built a positive team spirit because we trust and value our employees.

The company has reached the present modern structure due to ability to perceive customer expectations in every season and adaptability to competitive conditions by focusing on R & D which is an essential element of growth and development through innovation for the company and the country. We strive to provide an excellent service in terms of quality production and productivity and create value for customers by constantly offering new products.

Our product groups consist of outerwear made with standard and high quality knitted fabrics in accordance with fashion trends for woman, man and kids.

INTEKS Our target

Our target is to adapt ourselves and our customers by keeping up all the latest trends in the constantly-changing world of fashion trends. To improve ourselves in every aspect with oriented approach to the total quality. To be the leader in the field of manufacturing and management techniques across the apparel sector. To keep motivating our staff and sub-manufacturers high.


Inteks is on the list of Turkey’s First 500 Largest Manufacturing Companies. Inteks and its subcontractorsare inspected periodically by the export customers in line with Code of Conduct. İnteks provides quality assurance in all stages of production process and supply of materials according to each customer's quality control standards in terms of the total quality management. In order to provide its needs quickly for production process, İnteks is able to collect and interpret the feedback data in real time and inform its staff and supply chain by using statistical techniques and necessary analysis. In early 2004, İnteks established a dye house in Çerkezköy in line with its sectoral experiences for having also washing and finishing processes in-house manufacture in order to provide a competitive advantage and improve its quality level and fulfill its customers' needs and develop and deliver new products in the shortest time. İnteks considers human life and environment as an integral part of its quality concept. In this respect, we and our selected subcontractors comply with applicable environmental legislation and health and safety standards and never use any substance harmful to the environment and animals.


Our vision is to be the right place and the most reliable address by working in cooperation with our team, subcontractorsand customers in terms of enhancing the quality production and service quality


Our mission is to be assertive in the apparel sector and continue to be assertive both in Turkey and the international arena by performing quality production with strong planning and organization while developing customer oriented designs of fashion collections plus providing short delivery times and cost effective solutions by using Turkey's rich sources and experience.


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